Hey Guys, 

    Thanks for today. Really well run event today. A big thank you to you and your team.Thanks for sourcing enough T Shirts it meant a lot to out newbie runners :-) It was a good set up using the community center and the rugby club.

    Fantastic guys well done.  Neil

    Meinir Jones mentioned you in a comment.

    Meinir wrote: "Oh Graham Rowland I wasn't able to make it - big family birthday and times clashed Shame as from looking at all run4all status updates looks to have been a raving success!! With loads of PB's all around - weather was good to you too!! Well done on all the hard work! 2014 I'll be there!! Are you organising any more events! Apart from BoB?"

    HANNA REES -Hi I did enjoy, will be back next year - many thanks

    Hi Graham, I loved yesterday and run a personal best as you predicted! We have s4c on now and if I'm on there,  I'm going to practice my autographs! The beast is next!   Ben

    Hello Graham Thank you ever so much but we managed to find pics of the little ones so they all got a pic each! 

    Excellent day by the way.  I have never been before and thought your organising and whole day in general absolutely exceptional. May even run next year :0)  Nic